Photo Shootings & Commission.

“Having a photo session with a person and photographing them is like an exciting journey

 of discovery in search of the expression of the soul, his and my...”

Thank you for your interest in my photographic work. It is nice to know that you are interested in a photo shoot.

Just as every person and personality is unique, every photo shoot is different. The process works like as follows:

We will have a preliminary discussion that enables me to establish a picture of you and your ideas. This discussion is imperative, as this helps me better capture your personality during the shoot and place your personality in the limelight. Whether you are an artist looking for unique photos for your work, or private photos, we will develop these ideas together. 

The rates depends on the type and time involved in creating the photo you are after, so for more exact information, please contact me writing me here a message or via email. I will answer you directly and forward more details. 

Photo shooting making off photos by Stephan Tobias.