“As far back as I can remember, I have been drawing and painting. It has always been my passion to express my visions in the form of drawings and paintings. My interest was then, as it is today, dedicated to the depiction of people and all their characteristics. It is their physicality, soul and innerworld that fascinate me. I am captivated not only by the sensualness and tragedy, but also by the individual's humour. My aim is to capture this essence as a drawing, painting or illustration, be it as a portrait, nude or caricature.”



Painting and Illustration Exhibitions and Publications


  • Viva Variety! Berlin”, Caricature Illustrations, Solo Exhibition, Select Hotel Berlin THE WALL - Berlin (Germany)


  • “Face to Face” Double Exhibition with Photographer Kosh Wolf, ARTSTALKER - Berlin (Germany)
  • “Viva Variety! Gay”, Exhibition of Caricature Illustrations, Solo Exhibition, Mann-O-Meter - Berlin (Germany)


  • Solo Exhibition of “Viva Variety!” Caricature Illustrations as part of “Ortstermin 2015 - “Cafe ZINA”, Berlin” (Germany)


  • “44|88” Group Exhibition, ARTraumBERLIN - Berlin, Kunst Schau Raum CISA - Wiesbaden (Germany)


  • Solo Exhibition of Paintings and Erotic Illustrations as part of “Ortstermin 2012 - Berlin” (Germany)
  • Calendar 2012/13 of the Museum of Erotism (Muzeum Erotyzmu) - Warsaw (Poland)


  • Published  in NOISY RAIN/ Gay Art Magazine - Editor E. Hirano
  • “100 Artists of the Male Figure”, a Contemporary Anthology of Painting, Drawing, and Sculpture - Schiffer Publishing
  • Group Exhibition “EroticaMENTE”, Art Gallery MARGUTTA 51 - Rome (ITALY)
  • “Erotic Art Exhibition”, Group Exhibition, THE GALLERY - Liverpool (UK)


  • “Erotischer Advent” Group Exhibition, Galerie Kunst und Eros - Dresden (Germany)
  • “Artundressed ‘2010” Group Exhibition Miami (USA)
  • “Celeste Prize 2010 Final Exhibition”, The invisible Dog - New York (USA)
  • Celeste Prize 2010” Exhibition Catalogue
  • Winner of the Celeste Prize Online Vote 2010
  • Published in “The World‘s Greatest Erotic Art of Today - Vol. 4“, ES Ed., Miami (USA)
  • Winner of the 2010 Erotic Signature Art Competition, Miami - Florida, USA
  • “Frivole Bilder und Objekte” Group Exhibition - Kulturhistorisches Museum Stralsund - Stralsund (Germany)
  • “Fucking Kunst” Group Exhibition - Galerie Friedrichshöhe, Berlin (Germany)
  • Published in NeoPopRealism Starz: 21st Century ART - 2nd Volume: “Erotica As A High Artistic Aspiration” - New York
  • World Erotic Art Museum of Miami - Artwork “One For All, All For One” in permanent private collection


  • Published in “Mein heimliches Auge/Das Jahrbuch der Erotiker XXIV” (Almanac of Erotism), Konkursbuch Verlag, Tübingen (Germany)
  • Published in “Great New Fashion Design”, Feierabend Unique Books - Cologne (Germany)
  • “Enlightment” Group Exhibition, Northend Studios – Milton Keynes, UK
  • “Artundressed ‘09” Exhibition Tour - USA (Miami, Los Angeles, San Francisco)
  • Published in “The World‘s Greatest Erotic Art of Today - Vol. 3”,  ES Ed., Miami (USA)
  • Winner of the 2009 Erotic Signature Art Competition, Miami - Florida, USA


  • “Artundressed ‘08” Exhibition Tour (World Erotic Art Museum - Miami, FL, USA/ Damien B Contemporary Art Center - Miami, FL, USA/ Montreal Erotic Art Festival - Montreal, Canada/ Beate Uhse Erotik Museum - Berlin, Germany)
  • Published in “The World‘s Greatest Erotic Art of Today - Vol. 2”, ES Ed. ,Miami (USA)
  • Winner of the 2008 Erotic Signature Art Competition, Miami - Florida, USA



  • “Collage”, Solo Exhibition of costume collages, Schweizerische Vereinsbank - Lugano (Switzerland)